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Tablet & iPad Charging Stations for Multiple Devices Including Phones

Tablet, Phone, & iPad Charging Stations Include Standing Tables, Kiosks, Lockers, and More

Great customer service and a memorable experience at any establishment or venue often boils down to a handful of factors, one of which is convenience. Some seemingly small act, service, or courtesy can be the reason a guest remembers their visit, or may provide them with a story to tell others. Businesses who take advantage of phone and tablet charging stations provide their customers with an essential service that is often overlooked, but valued and remembered in a great light. Bars and restaurants use wireless charging tables to keep their late-night patron’s devices topped off so they not only will stay and enjoy the evening longer, but won't have to worry about a dead battery in the case they need to call for a ride or use their GPS on the way home. This courtesy service not only keeps your patrons safe and connected with friends, family, or emergency services after a late night, but can also be an attractive feature for many customers when deciding which establishment to frequent next. Events such as trade shows and concerts utilize phone and tablet charging stations such as floor standing lockers and cabinets to safely store their patron’s devices while they enjoy the function without distraction, allowing them to come back to a fully-charged device when needed. Offices, be it corporate environments or small-business, make fantastic use of tablet docks, which help organize and maintain the plethora of devices employees use throughout the day and are a staple in many IT departments. Even customer-centric industries such as retail shopping centers have begun to utilize phone and tablet charging stations which include custom signage in order to advertise a product or service whilst providing a valued courtesy to their customers.

Multi-Device Charting Cart

Educational Tools Are Always Ready

Digital devices have become a staple in many classrooms from kindergarten all the way through advanced college courses. Teachers have incorporated laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices into their lesson plans as an aid to traditional learning. Charging lockers not only keep these vital tools ready and fully-charged for each lesson, but provide a secure place for educators to protect valuable electronics from tampering, theft, or damage.

Two People at Tablet Charging Station

A Courtesy to Build Brand Confidence

Trade show exhibitors take advantage of charging kiosks with custom printed signage to not only provide customers with a centralized hub to gather and view promotional material, but the courtesy of charging their devices. Event guests value the use of their cellphones and tablets to stay connected with clients & businesses alike, thus value any chance to top off their devices battery life to last the day with the bonus of being exposed to your products while doing so.

Tablet Charging Station for Retail

A Convenient Advertising & Social Hub

Retail stores have found a key place to market their products with custom-printed promotional banners, signage, and other material placed alongside floor standing charging stations. Especially in large malls, businesses that provide a free service such as this bring in more foot traffic and provide additional sales opportunities for their employees all while keeping customer’s devices charged and allowing them the peace of mind to shop for longer periods.

With their prevalent use in today's lifestyle, the importance of providing customers with a secure and convenient way to charge their mobile devices is a must. Our phone charging stations can store and replenish multiple devices including laptops, tablets (Apple & Android), cell phones and more all from one centralized hub. We provide an extensive list of business-oriented options designed to thrive in office environments, ensuring that each employee’s digital toolkit remains fully charged and at-the-ready to help them impress customers and clients. In the retail world, phone charging stations act as a pillar for customers to gather where marking material is conveniently placed alongside or presented through integrated signage. We sell a number of different phone charging stations designed for specific applications, whether that be a floor standing model ideal for large events or shopping centers, wall mounted designs intended for small shops or establishments where customers feel comfortable freely leaving their device, or even lockers that they can come back to in high-traffic environments.

What other features do these electronic docking terminals have to offer?
  • All portable carts feature built-in power strips that easily charge multiple devices at the same time. Swing open doors provide easy access while the cabinets dissipate heat via the wall vents. In some cases, especially in schools, tablets need to be transported from room to room, so rolling casters make this task a simple task. Additional cart features include convenient push bars and flat top space for holding sign-out clipboards or textbooks. Additionally, many tablet charging stations include an integrated cable management system to help reduce clutter and remain organized.
  • If security is a concern, opt for locking cabinets to protect your valuable investments. For touch screen devices that are not shared with other groups or rooms, try a multiple unit docking station that sits on desktops or counters. We offer both floor standing lockers intended for commercial, large-scale customer use as well as secure device charging docks for office environments intended to be managed by the heads-of-departments or the IT team. For more information, please read our Laptop & Tablet Charging Station Buying Guide.
  • Floor standing device charging terminals are something else entirely. Intended for use by the public, these handy docks provide a service to anyone needing a boost. Commonly seen in shopping malls, large retail stores, airports, and trade shows — the list goes on and on. Our stations feature Apple® Lightning and micro-USB cables for attaching the lion's share of portable devices. We offer floor-standing kiosks with convenient shelves to use while you wait. Some models even come with poster frames that not only announce the free service but also call attention to promotions, sales, and events. Also available are wall mounted docks that provide much of the same features (minus the shelves). The main difference between a floor stand and a wall rack is visibility. The most exposure is gained through floor stands due to their strategic placement. A wall station is fixed, and therefore more limited.

Tablet charging stations are a versatile tool for any business, able to advertise and market to large audiences while providing a vital service that customers will value. It's the little things that matter, after all, and the convenience of a fully charged device will give your guests the peace of mind that their GPS might last until they find their way home, that they might stay shopping for a couple more hours, or that they can stream their favorite music once back in the car since a low-battery is no longer an issue. Public venues that offer mobile charging stations provide a vital service to their guests, especially during events where patrons are expected to spend several hours, or even days attending. Add a cell phone charging kiosk to your bar countertops, festival tents, or event booths to create a hub to supercharge your engagement. Public phone charging stand with convenient shelf These types of experiences and courtesies are what helps foster brand awareness and loyalty, encouraging return business, and sending customer’s home with more than just a product, but an experience. From a commercial standpoint, charging stations provide an established advertising hub for guests to gather, enjoy a service, and be exposed to marketing material for prolonged periods of time. Take advantage, and be keen to the placement of your promotional items to engage with customers while their phones charge to net additional sales. You’ll likely find a tablet storage cart in hospitals, business offices, government buildings, and medical labs. As with any new technology, using it safely is important. Spending a prolonged amount of time in front of a touchscreen comes with ergonomic risks. Read more about tablet safety here. Displays2go makes it easy to provide your customers with a convenient service such as free device charging, while helping your business promote its product and brand in an effective, memorable, manner.

Comfort, Convenience and Connectivity.

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