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Prize Wheels and Trade Show Games - Raffle Drums, Prize Drop, and Pinball

Prize Wheels, Raffle Drums and Promotional Games for Trade Shows and Parties

Prize wheels and trade show games

Need to attract attention to your fundraiser, office party, or convention booth? These prize wheels and trade show games are excellent for drawing crowds while having some fun. Their eye-catching spinning design is perfect for generating a buzz at your event, whether you're raising awareness about your company or gathering donations for a good cause. We don't just offer prize wheels and trade show games — our raffle drums and drop boards also add to the fun. Create engaging contests and drawings that will get bystanders excited to participate! Included among our prize wheels and trade show games are pinball and drop boards that give both players and onlookers a thrilling experience. These attractions are great for adding some entertainment while on your way to meeting your organization's goals.

Where will these attractions shine? Our prize wheels and trade show games are ideal for gaining attention at conventions and commercial events. What better way to bring prospective customers to your booth than with a colorful spinning diversion? Use prize wheels to draw more attention to fundraisers or collection drives to increase awareness. Office parties are a great place to feature these flashy fixtures, creating a fun environment where employees can relax and celebrate. In schools, the promo games will engage students in events where they might not show interest. Get people to participate in your event by giving them something they want — fun!

Brass raffle drum

What kinds of attractions do we offer?
  • Prize wheels are classic spinning displays that have a vibrant design. Built with a multi-colored disc, they appear almost hypnotic while in motion. Many of our models have fillable slots for your custom printed inserts. Choose your own prizes and rewards while making vibrant graphics to match each result! Alternatively, try our wheels with a write-on surface for a quick setup. Browse our selection of wet or dry erase markers for great writing utensils. These spinning attractions are available as floor stands, countertop units and adjustable models that can be used as both.
  • Raffle drums are excellent for picking winners from a crowd. Hold contests and sweepstakes with these tumblers that hold ballots in a see-through enclosure. Our brass raffle drums are made from stamped metal and feature a classic polished appearance and an easy-to-use crank. Also available are clear acrylic spinners that are entirely see-through. This style has a secure locking design that prevents tampering despite their visibility. We offer tickets and ballets for extra convenience when setting up your raffle.
  • Prize drop boards use gravity to create an exciting game of chance. Release a puck at the top and watch as it plinks between the different pegs to one of the markers at the bottom. These floor standing or tabletop trade show games are made of plastic and are highly customizable. Each model has an signage holder at the top for a personalized logo and several bottom slots for representing prizes.
  • Pinball is another classic that we sell as a fun trade show game. These are made for tabletop use and also feature areas for customizable signage. Similar to drop boards, pinball stands have a pegged design and an area for rewards at the bottom. Simply insert one of the three included balls and pull the spring back to play! This is a great way to get players invested, adding a dimension of skill where they can try to shoot for specific prizes.
Prize drop board

Trade show games are perfect for diverting crowds to your booth or event. Try our wheels, pinball attractions and drop boards with lighting for even more visibility! This LED illumination is another excellent way to draw in passersby. Spinners with lighting create a vibrant display that's hard to ignore. Some models have flashing light modes to make your booth stand out even more.

Attract potential customers and entertain event attendees with these fun spinners! Order on Displays2go for quick shipping and get what you need when you need it. Our entire catalog also benefits from wholesale pricing, meaning larger orders save more money!

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