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Food Service Displays and Supplies for Dispensing or Merchandising

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Countertop Organizers and Accessories for the Retail, Restaurant, & Hospitality Industries

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Running a successful business depends on having the right tools for the job. These food service displays and supplies are comprised of industry-standard equipment used every day by restaurants and/or retailers. Whether it's a bakery needing display cases or a cafe wanting new menu holders, our large inventory is filled with the products you're looking for! Displays2go offers two types of food service displays: restaurant supplies for serving patrons or storage and dispensing equipment for retail and/or hospitality. Our huge selection features excellent value with affordability. Feel free to browse one of our food service display categories or choose to filter search results. Either way, we make it easy for you to find what you're looking for!

What can these food service supplies do for me and my business?
  • Menu holders provide the direct communication you need with your customers. They've come to eat and drink, so showcasing your offerings is probably the most important facet of running a restaurant. Tabletop displays, in the form of small tents and flip charts, are often the first thing patrons see once seated. Use these to advertise appetizers, drink specials, and seasonal items. Handheld holders and covers elevate the ritual of menu presentation far better than passing out xeroxed menus. Clear plastic covers give the patron an unobstructed view while helping to protect the prints from spills. Upscale menu holders, featuring hardcover construction with noticeable weight in hand, provide an elegant platform for any fine dining establishment.
  • Restaurant linens include table napkins and waitstaff aprons. Most often purchased in bulk, polyester cloth napkins are one indispensable item cafes or bistros can never have enough of. We stock square models in two sizes with a couple of standard colors to choose from. Outfitting the waitstaff with cloth aprons provides plenty of room for supplies. In addition, restaurant patrons can also spot waiters more easily. These are available in low-hanging waist or traditional apron styles. Each comes with three pockets for holding necessary items such as order pads, writing utensils, and corkscrews.
  • Condiment caddies and organizers are designed for maintaining tidy work areas, table seating, and self-service counters. Our huge selection offers something for everyone. Place a metal basket with convenient carry handle on each table to store condiments and sauces. Self-serve stations can include any manner of soft drink cups, silverware, paper napkins, and pre-packaged condiments. Storage racks for these items are constructed with strong wire or tough ABS plastic. What about the back bar? Even bartenders need display fixtures like tiered bottle shelves and straw & swizzle stick containers. As you can see, we have a countertop organizer to fit any application.
  • Beverage servers come in many forms for both hot or cold drinks. From beer pitchers for the pub to cold juice dispensers for a catered reception, we stock every style imaginable. What's more, Displays2go offers budget-friendly plastic models in addition to high-end servers featuring polished chrome finishes, suitable for any upscale event. Need carafes and airpots to stock your self-service coffee station? These professional pitchers feature stainless steel construction with insulated liners.
  • Bakery display cases offer clear, unobstructed views of your items. They are fabricated with NSF approved acrylic plastic. Each come with multiple storage shelves and front or rear door access. These countertop cases entice customers with baked goods like muffins, bagels, and cookies. Peripheral accessories include serving trays, cake pedestal stands, and food domes.
  • Bulk bins and dispensers are designed for dried goods like whole bean coffee, cereals & grains, and candy. Most of the bulk food containers come with scoops for self-service. Gravity dispensers feature portion-controlled paddle wheels. These limit the amount dispensed to a single serving size or other setting. Dry food bins are used just about everywhere. Supermarkets and health food stores usually have banks of dispensers along aisles. Hotels may implement smaller models for guests to use during continental breakfast setups.

Operating a successful retail store or restaurant involves efficient planning. Menu and food displays add convenience with consistent operation to make your business run smoothly. Whether you are a caterer, hotel manager, or cafe owner, these supplies and fixtures can have a positive effect on revenue. When potential customers visit your establishment, they have an idea in their head of what to expect. Cater to their expectations by placing yourself in their shoes. Outfit your operation with intuitive displays that add profitability to your business!

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