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Digital Buying Guide: Best Apps for Touch Kiosks, iPad Photo Booths and Digital Signage

Best Apps for Digital Signage and Touch Screen Kiosks

Posted on 12, December, 2019

Last Modified on 21, April, 2022

Have a digital display but need the right software to get it working? Many modern business devices are designed with user-friendly operation in mind, featuring the familiar Apple iOS and Google Android operating systems found on the vast majority of smartphones. This means it's easier than ever before to create captivating digital advertising and user-focused experiences. Whether you need a touch panel for the classroom or an electronic signboard featuring a restaurant menu, there's an app solution.

Best Apps for Interactive Touch Kiosks

Entertain Your Customers and Guest with Interactive Digital Touch Tables  

Connect to customers, guests, and students with touchscreens! Touch-enabled displays create excellent interactive menus, catalogs, and maps, where users can get an engaging experience that puts them in charge. Touchscreens give guests more power to change the content on display, so it's important to add a level of control to your presentation. The following apps will make sure that only your content will be featured on these smartphone-like devices and not inappropriate or unrelated applications.

Best Touch Kiosk App for iOS

Kiosk Plus app


  • Completely Free
  • Turns Any Website Into a Kiosk
  • Locks with Password
  • Resets After a Period of Inactivity
  • Remotely Configurable with Mobile Device Management

Best Touch Kiosk App for Android

Fully Kiosk mini app

Fully Kiosk Suite

  • Suite of Apps for Locking Content in Full Screen
  • Browser & App Lockdown for Websites & More
  • Single App Restricts Use to One Program
  • Video Plays Media Files & Slideshows
  • Pin & Gesture Lockdown, Motion Detection & Remote Admin Features

Best Apps for Digital Signage

Electronic signboards are great for featuring menus, video advertisements, promotional slideshows and streaming media. Entertain patrons in bars, greet visitors in office lobbies, or provide eye-catching wayfinding with these non-interactive dynamic displays. These large flatscreen displays are ideal for getting people's attention and giving them the full picture. Choose software that makes it easy to take your media and put it on a screen that's hard to miss. Our catalog features LG TVs with the SuperSign media player that features your content without any additional hardware.

Best Digital Signage App for iOS

mini Photobooth app


  • Completely Free
  • Feature On TVs with Google Chromecast
  • Hundreds of Free, Easy-to-Edit Templates
  • Quickly Create Slideshows for Display
  • Best Digital Signage App for Android

    NoviSign app

    NoviSign Digital Signage

  • Schedule When Your Broadcasts Play
  • Feature Media On One or Many Devices
  • Drag & Drop Design, Includes Starter Templates
  • Supports Many Types of Media and Streaming Services
  • Guests taking photo at an event on custom printed iPad selfie station

    Best Apps for Photo Booths and Selfie Stations

    Give guests something to remember your event by with a fun photograph! Whether you're hosting a wedding or a commercial presentation, this is a great way to create keepsakes. Make the mood fun with silly costumes and accessories or have subjects hold promotional items. Add your company's branding as a watermark or in the frame – stay in touch by getting guests' contact info for photographs. Selfie stations an ideal way to get people engaged with your party, event, or trade show booth. Find an even larger selection of apps for your photbooth here.

    Best Photo Booth App for iOS

    mini Photobooth app

    Mini Photobooth

  • Free with In-App Purchases
  • Lots of Template and Font Choices
  • Feature Custom Backgrounds and Branding
  • Event Mode Locks App with Passcode
  • Best Photo Booth App for Android

    Photobooth mini app

    Photobooth mini

  • Free Trial and Full Paid Version
  • Takes 4 Photos Like a Classic Photo Booth
  • Guests Can Print & Share Directly From the App
  • Add Branding and Effects in Post-Production
  • Conclusion

    It's so easy to turn your digital fixture into a functional promotional display! These apps were chosen for their ease of accessibility and the control they give administrators over their devices. Make sure only the approved content shows up on your touch kiosks and digital signage and only the right people have access to backend functions.

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